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Brooklynn India sources long term finance for establishing new industrial and infrastructure projects as well as for expansion, diversification and modernization of existing projects.

Typically, we source funding for projects based on projected cash flows, through syndication of banks as well as through private equity investors. Projects are secured by project assets and are repaid entirely by project cash flows, supported by financial modelling.

Projects can be funded either though Rupee Funding or External Commercial Borrowings

Our gamut of project funding includes the following:

  • Railways
  • Irrigation
  • Mining Airport
  • Mining Airport
  • Power
  • Logistics
  • Wind Mill
  • Telecom Tower
  • Steel and Iron Ore
  • Auto Components
  • Forging and Casting

We also assist in sourcing the margin capital for large projects, by way of Mortgage Loans on fixed assets, or private equity investment.

ECB (External Commercial Borrowings):

In a country like India, where the interest on the domestic bank loan is distinctly higher than the overseas loan, there is a natural inclination by the business houses to explore the possibility of mobilising the fund through the external commercial borrowing (ECB) route to leverage the interest burden. At Brooklynn India, our extensive nexus with both domestic and international banks, allows us to facilitate ECB funding at lowest rates of interest and provide fast access to ECB Sanction, making us the first choice for ECB funding in India. ECBs can be used for:

  • Funding of new projects
  • Purchase/import of machinery
  • Repayment of existing rupee loans

Why ECB?

  • Reduced Interest Cost
  • Access to foreign lending
  • Cheaper source of funds
  • Maturity Period of upto 20 years
  • Huge volume of funds ( upto Rs. 500 Crore)

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