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Long-term debt is used to finance business investments that have longer payback periods.

Term Loan ( Long Term )

Brooklynn India helps SME’s, Medium and Large Scale organisations to secure term loans as an Unsecured Debt instrument.

Maximum repayment period is upto 5 years.

Working Capital ( Cash Credit )

Cash Credit is also known as Working Capital .Cash Credit is a facility to withdraw the amount from the business account even though the account may not have enough credit balance. The limit of the amount that can be withdrawn is sanctioned by the bank based on the business cycle of the client and the working capital gap and the drawing power of the client.

The Cash Credit facility is quite useful to those businesses where cash payment like wages, transportation, cash purchases are to be made and the receivables are not realized in time

Brooklynn India enables higher working capital limits with new banks as well as lower rates of interest for working capital borrowing. Our financial expertise will help you to bring about an immediate increase in your cash credit limits.

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Mortgage Loans

To raise capital for projects, Promoter Margin capital or purchase of capital goods and margin funding, Brooklynn India can arrange for funding through Mortgage Loans via

  • Loans against personal, residential or industrial property, land and/or building.
  • Tenure period of upto 10 years

Machinery/Equipment Finance

As machinery specialists, Brooklynn India can handle all your equipment finance needs. We provide access to a range of lenders, and can offer you our very best low rates and fast loan approvals. Our highly qualified experts have the experience to provide consistent support in equipment loans.

Equipment Loans/ Machinery can be brought as an unsecured Loan.

We offer:

  1. Hire Purchase Loans
  2. Machinery Term Loans
  3. Leasing Machinery Loans
  4. Equipment Term Loan

Lease Rental Discounting

Brooklynn India’s assistance in Lease Rental Discounting enables you to secure the margin of your next project, through a property mortgage function:

  1. We mortgage your property for a tenor period of 10 to 12 years.
  2. Repayment will be escrowed through the rental receipt.
  3. Bank/NBFC provides funding against the receivable i.e. Rental Receipts.

Leasing Finance

Leasing Finance allows a company use of an asset without having to pay the full amount upfront. A leasing agreement is drawn up with the lessee agreeing to pay periodic rental payments in exchange for the use of a capital asset. It is in effect a rental agreement, apart from a clause, which allows the lessee to own, or to buy over the machine at a reduced rate, at the end of the lease agreement.
Features of Leasing Finance:

  • Leased assets ( i.e. Machinery, Vehicle etc ) do not bear depreciation
  • No upfront payment, only rental payments
  • Option of purchasing the leased asset at lower value at the end of term
  • Maintenance and repair cost is borne by the Finance body