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Inter Corporate Deposits

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Inter Corporate Deposits

An Inter-Corporate Deposit (ICD) is an unsecured loan extended by one corporate to another. This unique debt instrument allows funds surplus corporates to lend to other corporates. ICDs are unsecured debt instruments.

Brooklynn India takes advantage of its extensive corporate links to arrange inter-corporate deposits.

Asset and Structured Finance

Asset and Structured Finance provides solutions to both corporate and institutional customers in the financing of, and investment in, physical and financial assets, working with a full range of financial instruments through Brooklynn India’s extensive network of Banking/NBFC Channels.

For large corporate, looking for bring up Rs. 50 Crore or more of funding, we can set up an asset and structured finance instrument.

Brooklynn India’s Asset and Structured Finance specialists can help larger businesses with very unique financing needs. We can help minimise costs such as capital gains and withholding taxes. Tailor-made products help to minimise funding costs or maximise investment returns using most forms of financial instrument including finance leasing and structured bond issues, as well as the use of equity instruments and derivatives.