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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I choose which debt instrument suits my organisation’s need?

You can either choose the exact instrument from our website, or call us for a free consultation.

2. Does Brooklynn India directly lend to other organisations?

No, Brooklynn India is a financial intermediary. We assist you in increasing your cash flow through our extensive network of Banks and NBFCs across the globe.

3. How many lending institutions does Brooklynn India have access to?

Brooklynn India has a network of more than 500 Banks and NBFCs around the world. We deal with both Domestic banks, MNC Banks as well as NBFCs.

4. Am I liable to pay Brooklynn India for consultation?

No, Brooklynn India does not charge for consultation.

5. What are the basic documents required to submit to get a quote?

The basic documents are: Balance Sheets of the company for last three years Copies of loan sanction letters for all current facilities enjoyed by your company

6. How fast can I get a quote?

We will tell you a tentative rate of interest for each facility as soon as you call us. Within 48 hours of receipt of basic documents, we will issue an exact indicative rate.

7. Do I need to pay Brooklynn India any fees before the loan/facility is sanctioned?

No. Brooklynn India does not charge its clients any amount before the sanction. Our charges are applicable only after Sanction is completed and the limits are set up for use.

8. Will Brooklynn India charge me for roll-over of loan/facility?

No, our charges are applicable one-time only, as an arrangement fee. We do not charge for repeated use of the same facility.

9. What is the minimum processing time for each facility?

The processing time varies between each loan facility or debt instrument, between 5 to 20 working days. For Project Finance, the time taken for sanction may exceed 30 working days.

10. How can I trust Brooklynn India to keep the information confidential?

Our policy is ‘complete client confidentiality’. As soon as we finalise the facilities for your organisation, we sign an NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) with you, which protects you from all disclosure to any third party, unless specific written permission is obtained from an authorised signatory of your organisation.

11. If my organisation has a multi-banking arrangement, can I still make use of facilities through Brooklynn India?

Yes. Our financial solutions go beyond your current banking arrangements, in such a way that your present banking arrangement is status quo. We have several products that can be accessed without any need for NOC (No-objection Certificate) from your banker.