Welcome to Brooklynn India Credit and Investment Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our vision

To be a multi- billion dollar financial institution and empower businesses across the world economy, through a dynamic synergy of market expertise, sound banking practices and easy access to resources.

Our mission

1. To provide cost effective and timely finance.
2. To enable access to finance under crucial economic scenarios
3. To harmonise our clients profitability through cost control
4. To minimise the cost of shared capital.
5. To improve cash flows of our clients through each and every stage of their growth.

Our employees

We are a small team of expert bankers and financial managers. We place great emphasis on independent decision making, dissemination of ideas, strict code of ethics, and client confidentiality.

Financial engineers at Brooklynn India will analyse your financial profile.

Our client team collects the requirements from you, and synergises the requirements with your financial profile.

Our Debt Syndication team will collect the necessary details from you and fully facilitate the debt instrument.

Our bankers do the due diligence and provide you with the sanction letter, along with the disbursement of funds.

Our Products

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